President Calderon’s visit to the United Nations and New York

7 Oct

President Calderon Addresses the United Nations in New York

Felipe Calderon, President of Mexico, convened with other world leaders at the 66th General Assembly Session of the United Nations, in a time in which Mexico is plagued with violence in some regions by powerful Drug Cartels. President Calderon addressed at the General Assembly of the UN revolved around three main issues that are currently top priorities for members of the international community. Calderon stated that the United Nations must maintain its relevancy as an avenue from which world leaders can move forward to address and eradicate poverty, climate change, and international crime. These three issues are what Calderon stated to be some of the main factors that hinder the development of numerous countries throughout the world and jeopardize the legitimacy of governments. In addition, to his request for the international community to address these issues more aggressively, Calderon condemned the lack of leadership at the international level on behalf of countries with high consumption of drugs, such as the United States. This is not the first time President Calderon has condemned the United States for its lack of gun control laws and its lack of initiative to implement public policy to eradicate drug use and or create an “alternative market” from which the astronomical profits currently enjoyed by the Drug Cartels can be reduced. President Calderon also received the Gold Insigne Award, in a Gala organized by the Americas Society/Council of the Americas, in which MATT participated as a special invite of the Council of the Americas; MATT was able to share our perspectives on the bi-national agenda with important guests such as, Claudia Palacios of CNN, Alejandro Ramírez CEO of Cinepolis, and Margarita Zavala Mexico´s First Lady. In this Gala the President talked about the importance of the integration, not isolation, of Mexicans into the American community and, mentioned that through the integration of the Mexican community, the United States could gain a more educated population. It was really interesting to listen to Calderon’s speech, because it  helps MATT, a bi-national organization, understand that the new Mexican Government’s vision corresponds with MATT’s mission, after three years of hard work directed towards advocacy in Mexico.  MATT works with issues pertaining to the integration and the education of the Mexican community on both sides of the border.  Calderon concluded his UN visit by participating in the general debate of the General Assembly on: The Role of Mediation in Conflict Solution by Pacific Means. Earlier in the week prior to his visit to the UN, Calderon was recognized and awarded the highest award given to a head of state by the Americas Society/Council of the Americas for his promotion of culture, politics, social and economic development in the Western Hemisphere. Nevertheless, Calderon addressed and condemned the United State’s high consumption and demand for drugs, which he largely blames for Mexico’s current woes making this a revolving theme. Calderon’s visit to the US concluded with a visit to Los Angeles, California in which he met with members of the Mexican community and he was also in attendance of a special screening of The Royal Tour, a documentary about Mexico.


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