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English needs to be like Chips and Salsa in Texas

27 Oct

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By: Cristian Sandoval

This being my first blog for Yes al Inglés, I wanted to make sure to share the reason why we started the program and why the organization is so committed to the English language.

A year ago MATT’s Executive Director approached me with the idea of creating an online English language program to help developing economies attract foreign investment.  The idea of teaching English intrigued me, and the challenge of developing a comprehensive program to teach English online was really exiting.

In 1985 UNESCO wrote a report in regards to why Mexico was failing to educate its elementary school children. It was failing for the same reason you don’t see many Mexican restaurants in Western Europe…the system lacked the appropriate infrastructure to supply the students with the right tools. Try to find black beans and jalapeno peppers in the Czech republic.

Yes al Inglés came to solve a lot of infrastructure challenges for teaching English. By being online it reduces the dependency on classrooms, it’s easy to follow, makes it easy for students to learn without the need for a teacher, and we tried to make it entertaining and fun for the students. Best of all, the low cost makes it accessible to everyone… like chips and salsa in Texas!

There is a lot to do and we have many opportunities. Let this be the start of our journey to teach English to developing economies.

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MATT Maestro en Casa Celebrates Success in Denver

8 Jun

by Regina Cantu @

At MATT, we believe people need to become an active participants in their community, bringing their best with them to help build up their quality of life. Our collaboration with Denver Public Schools (DPS), various community organizations and the Mexican Consulate in Denver is a testament to the success that comes from communities working together to bridge the gaps of understanding.

On May 18th in Denver Colorado, MATT and the Denver Public Schools honored and celebrated 217 parents who successfully completed the first class of MATT Maestro en Casa-Denver, a radio-transmitted immigrant integration and English-language learning program.  Over 2,500 parents are currently enrolled in the self-study program and the first class of 217 parents received a certificate of completion as proof of their successful graduation from the program.

MATT Maestro en Casa (MMEC) allows English language learners to function at a higher level in their daily activities. Participants are in search of better opportunities, hoping to combine their own talents with resources to succeed.  Their drive and determination brought them to the graduation and will benefit their families, the Denver community and the nation.

MATT is humbled to have played the part of providing the tool needed to see this day come to a reality,” said Aracely Garcia Granados, Executive Director of MATT.

The event took place at Colorado Heights University where the participants and their families were joined by Denver’s mayor, Guillermo “Bill” Vidal, to celebrate the accomplishment of immigrant integration initiative aimed at teaching basic English lessons and focusing on navigating common American systems, like public education.

It was an honor and privilege to speak at the Denver Maestro en Casa program graduation in May,” said Mayor Vidal. “It is important that we continue to pursue innovative English immersion programs like the Maestro en Casa integration program so that we can connect Spanish speaking parents with the very important resources they need to become more active in their children’s educations.

This was the first graduating class of MATT Maestro en Casa in Denver. We look forward to seeing a population that is fully engaged and integrated in the schools and in their community so the whole family can prosper together.